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International secure transport

In the international arena of business, corporations and their employees find themselves facing numerous threats and concerns when travelling globally.  By providing physical security support through vetted global secure transportation and executive protection services, the safety of the traveler is ensured.  Our real time intelligence and monitoring allows us to adjust the required level of protection to provide full safety of your personnel when needed.

Evacuation planning

To protect a companys' personnel, physical and intellectual assets abroad, it is essential to have necessary intelligence to make cost effective and safe decisions for the enterprise.  When required, evacuations are necessary where natural and unnatural events occur beyond our control. We will provide a step by step plan for execution in those cases including but not limited to cases of natural disaster and/or terroristic threat globally along other potential threats. Our plans include: safe houses, medical support along with ground and air transportation services during this trying time.

Kidnap & ransom

While geographical and monetary factors can impact the probability of kidnapping, it can happen to to anywhere, anytime. Our specialists can assist in educational programs as well as provide a KNR Response service. Speak to our experts for immediate assistance.

Travel support

Whatever your travel needs may be, we are here to ensure everything runs smoothly and that planning is air tight! Let us focus on the details while you take care of business or enjoy your holiday.

Cyber security

Hacking, penetration testing, spoofing, phishing, data protection are some of the terms we’re familiar with, as such we at RIMI Risk Group will assist you in your cyber security program creation and implementation to ensure you’re up to date with ‘Best in Class’ methodologies to assure you’re protected.

Drone security & surveillance

Through our UAV program, we can offer a comprehensive package of Drone services to support your needs. We can conduct operations from our Mobile Command Center (MCC) or through our Ground Control Station (GCS) to mitigate various threats to your environment. Regardless of terrain and weather, our Drones are able to survey, monitor and record actions occurring in real time. Data is fed to our management systems and/or your existing security infrastructure. 

Distance learning

Our training division provides various courses and modules that comply with both local and foreign legislation. Subject matter includes various courses to enhance your corporate security teams' knowledge and training in areas such as health and safety, active shooter, crisis management, and customer service, to name a few. We offer instruction in languages other than English to meet the requirements of an international team and business arena.

Event management

Our event management team takes care of both pre and post event coverage. From plan creation and review, access control, VIP transportation, venue staff, medical response and emergency services support, RIMI Risk Group manages it all with the aim of reducing your Duty of Care liability and keeping your personnel safe and secure.

TSCM assessments

More commonly known as "sweeps", our comprehensive Technical Surveillance Counter-measures package can protect you and your corporation from unwanted eavesdropping and surveillance threats, ensuring integrity during high-level meetings, sensitive communications, or simply in your own home. Our specialists are trained to use state of the art equipment to conduct sweeps of the highest standard of your  office, residence and vehicles, including private planes and  boats.

Safe Travel & Risk Mitigation

Various customized programs for pre, during and post travel are available, including emergency response mechanisms for corporations or individuals. These may include: Site assessments which ensure the area chosen for temporary residence meets our safety criteria and emergency services; Hotel assessments to confirm appropriate safety measures are in place regardless country risk level; Medical planning and assessments so when the unthinkable occurs you have an action plan. 

Corporations & Individuals

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Services for Corporations & Individuals

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